HIT Testimonials

The BEN exists to help people of the licensed trade who have fallen upon hard times.  There are a variety of ways in which we can help, including a FREE mental health helpline where we can arrange FREE counselling sessions.  We also provide scholarships through HIT Scotland....

"My HIT scholarship helped me get a promotion.  The management skills i have learned have been hugely useful in dealing with my team" Scott Lyle, Management 1st Scholar

HIT Scotland empowers development through its scholarship programme which is open to anyone working in or studying towards a career in the Scottish hospitality industry.

A HIT Scotland scholarship is a learning experience, designed to give you new skills or knowledge, to experience best practice, or refresh your way of thinking.  The content of each scholarship varies depending on your personal development objectives, and the scholarship you have applied for.

We will also ask you in return for the scholarship, to show support back to the industry.  Scholars opt to do this in a variety of ways, from speaking at an event, working or cooking at an event, mentoring a potential scholar, or providing prizes for auctions and raffles.  The choice is yours!

Our scholarships are split into three different categories - Business empowerment, Operational empowerment and Inspirational empowerment. Look at the categories below and click MORE to read about the different scholarships within that category, and learn what you need to put in your application. Next applications open Sept 2019 for 2020.




We're The Ben... We care for the people of the licensed trade. Find out how you can help and support this cause.

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