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27th May 2019 By Kerry McLellan

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Back in July 2016 I had a bad fall off my horse resulting in a very nasty broken leg. Not the day i had planned at all! 
Once the reality of what had happen had kicked in I realised that i would be unable to work in the bar i was currently managing for an unknown period of time and therefore along with the stress of my leg injury i also had the financial stress of managing to survive on sick pay alone. 
My work put me in touch with Chris at The BEN who couldn't have been more helpful. She immediately put me at ease and introduced me to Sandra who would be coming to meet with me to assess my situation. 
Sandra was like my fairy godmother! She instantly put me at ease and reassured me that everything would be ok. She was just brilliant and kept in touch regularly to see how i was doing, as i wasn't coping the best with everything that had happened.
The BEN provided me with a sum of money which was paid to me in 2 amounts which allowed me to concentrate on my recovery as financially i would now be ok. Sandra and Chris made regular checks on me to make sure i was coping ok and also gave me lots of helpful advice when i was struggling which helped me loads along the road to recovery.
Thanks to the emotional and financial support provided by the BEN i recovered faster than was expected by everyone and returned back to work after 3 months and am back to riding my horse again and loving every minute of it.
The work that the BEN does is so under publisised and really is a life line to so many people in the bar trade.  


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